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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Affordable Galveston homes that offer a charming getaway

Whether you're looking to make a permanent move out to the island, buy a vacation home for rental income, or are just curious what it costs to live by the shore, check out these five affordable

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The Capital Group Inc Singapore: A tale of two US economies

For the US, the second half of 2016 was a tale of two economies, with a strong domestic economy and weaker industrial sector. These trends are largely unchanged, but are now set against a very different political backdrop. While the impact of Dona read more...

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Galveston Financial Capital: About The GC SBDC

What is the SBDC?


The Galveston County Small Business Development Center (GC SBDC) provides free business consulting and affordable training seminars to small and medium-sized business owners and managers. The GC read more...

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Galveston Capital Tourism and Marketing: Galveston Things To Do - Attractions And Must See

Galveston Things To Do


Before you go, here are some of the most entertaining things to do on Galveston Island.


The Beach


There is plenty of room to lay

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Online Fraud Detection: SMS verification codes at risk of fraud

People’s use of authentication codes to regain access to their online accounts can be exploited by criminals. Researchers at New York University Abu Dhabi have released a study of how such attacks work and the ways to prevent them.